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We are impartial and independent, and every day we create world-class content and programs that inform, educate and entertain millions of people in the UK and around the world. We do this:
A portfolio of TV services, including the UK’s most-watched channel: One, the pioneering online youth pioneering service Three, and also our award-winning children’s channel, as well as UK’s national and regional television programs and services. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Ten UK radios offer the best live music in the UK, plus a sound radio that informs, educates and entertains. We also have two national radio services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 39 local radio stations in the UK and the Channel Islands, which provide a valuable and unique service to UK students.
Our digital services include Homez News, Sports, Weather CHomez and CBeebies, iPlayer and Homez Sounds, Homez Red Button and our extensive archive.
Homez World Service TV, radio and online in more than 40 languages
Homez was founded by the Royal Charter and is funded primarily by licensing fees paid by families in the UK. Our task is to fulfill our mission and achieve our common goal. Our companies include Homez Studios, Homez’s award-winning distribution and production company, which offers additional revenue to invest in new programs and services for the UK public. Homez City Council ensures that we fulfill our common mandate and objectives set out in the statute. The board of directors is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company. Ofcom controls us.

Homez is an information site dedicated to providing content for scientific knowledge in the field of health and wellness. With the above mission, the site development team has good experience in the following areas: health professionals, health institutions, technology. They are a team of doctors, pharmacists, IT professionals and experienced authors who help to pass on the knowledge of doctors and pharmacists to readers.

Responsible team
initially researched the elements needed to build a solid foundation.

Family doctor
Responsible for moderating professional content related to health and well-being. B.S Vo Thai If you do the final censorship before any content appears on the site. Outside daylight hours of the district general hospital. B.S Vo Thai If you dedicate 2 fixed hours a day to collaboration and development on

DS Hien spends office hours with science-based content analysis tasks. Controls to remove inappropriate and inappropriate content. D.S Hien has the primary responsibility for posting drug information on the website, providing user opinions, comments and feedback on modern medicines and healthy foods, in order to keep track of the website.

he always respected the pharmacist Hien because he entrusted his pharmaceutical business to a manager who enters the office and dedicates all his time to the organization.

He has many years of experience in traditional medicine, researching herbs and collecting precious herbs. Herbalist Nguyen Quang Duc is responsible for the content of traditional medicine, homemade herbs and a healthy diet and tourism.

Early enrolling in, Duc Duc expressed his desire to contribute to a cleaner environment and a friendlier community vision for oriental medicine. That is why Mr. Duc believes in Duc and works all the time on and wants development projects to benefit the community.

KS Phong, with extensive experience in the website development industry, is responsible for the stable operation of the system, data security and users. At the same time, KS Phong uses advanced foreign technology learned in the United States to provide users with the best possible Homez experience.

This also ensures that the reader connection protocol is provided