Terms of Use

These terms of use are available at these are:

Rules for using our services
What can you do with our content (shares, links, stuff)?
What can we do with what you post or upload?
Your rights and responsibilities are of paramount importance.

I kept it as short as possible and made a video of the hard part so please read and check for updates. This is because the latest version is always in use (usually we only update when we launch a new service. change the service method or complying with new legal requirements only)

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When these conditions are met
Please read these terms and conditions before using our services. By using our services, you agree to these terms.

Failure to comply with these Terms may result in suspension or termination of your use of the Service and your account.

But before…

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What are “services” and “content”?
The media talks about it:


All digital offers I like:

Sites (eg News)
iPlayer from
Applications (eg sports, news)
Content contained in feeds such as B. RSS
red button
b. Content

All of which are available through in addition:

radio and television programs
Technical information such as metadata and open source.
Anything created by our service users User-generated content is called
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If other conditions are met
A. When using the services of Indonesia Worldwide or others

When using someone else’s service or product, such as a virtual reality headset, B. You should use these devices.

Some services are provided by CNN Worldwide. These are conditional.

B. When using the services we recommend you to use

Just like when you start the race. We’ll always let you know if there are additional requirements.

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Child-friendly services and amenities
If you are looking for something for kids Here’s a good place to start:

CBeebies Playtime Island
CBeebies iPlayer
Iplayer in Indonesian
Finally decide what is appropriate. But here are some tools that can help you:

Please use Indonesian parental controls to prevent children from accessing content marked “Rules”.
To teach your child to be safe online, try Be Safe.
For tips on protecting your kids online, check out Internet Business. The website has tips for enabling parental controls for devices, game consoles, broadband access. and home entertainment platform
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When you need a TV license
You need a TV license to watch or record live TV on any channel. or to watch or download Indonesian shows from iPlayer while in the UK. channel islands or the Isle of Man

This can be done on any device, including TVs, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, digital boxes, or DVD/VHS recorders.

If you are outside this area You should check to see if your country has its own TV licensing system.

Learn more about when you need a TV license.

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Our Terms of Service and Content
Here are some rules to get you (and us) out of trouble.

This applies to our services and content. The exception is content created for sharing. In short, it’s “dividable,” which falls under a different and more flexible set of rules. Sharing rules are here.

a. Do not interfere with our services.

What do we mean by that? Things like that:

hack them
We are trying to circumvent our content security technology. (Software that prevents others from copying our content)
You can access content from outside the UK that you shouldn’t or help others do the same. For example, use a VPN service to watch iPlayer outside the UK at
Do not request that content, games or applications be removed from your device if necessary. This can happen if we remove the Service. which we can do at any time without prior notice.
b. Don’t hurt or hurt anyone…

… When we use our services or content, this means:

Don’t tarnish our reputation by linking it to sexism or racism.

don’t sue
, slander (injury)

the reputation of someone, say, or from there
Comments on the court proceedings
no map
kill or harass people
Do not post or upload any inappropriate content or
If you disagree with someone to attack the topic not an individual
c. play safe

take care of your environment Especially if you use our services or content while traveling. and always use your device safely.

Do not use our 360° Virtual Reality application if:

He ate something that could upset his balance.
You have (or have had) a medical condition such as binocular vision problems. Psychiatric disorders, seizures, or heart problems?
Make sure you are in a safe place to sit.

Stop immediately if you hear:

eye fatigue
some disadvantages
don’t get it
Engage in any activities that require you to focus later or when you feel a little dizzy or confused.

D. Don’t pretend

Except for parties, which include:

Create a new service or copy a service view.
Trademark use trademark or our logo without permission
Use or mention our content in press releases and other marketing moments.
Earn money with our content or services. For example, you can’t charge others to watch shows.
share content

of us, unless we separate
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use content
A. When you need permission

To use one of the following options …

whole show
cnnndonesia.com content
Our logo and other brands
Everything is protected by copyright.
… you need permission.

We don’t always own the copyright.

Our content often contains content from others. For example, a TV show may contain images, videos and music by artists, performers and musicians.

Or we are only allowed to broadcast the event and the production company owns it.

So I had to ask him if he could use it or not. Except in some situations …

b. If you already have a power of attorney

If you are at a school, college or university that has a license for the Education Registration Authority
You can read more about the authorization of the Education Registration Authority here.
Find out more about copyright exemptions here.
so you can share Sharing rules are here.
For open source and open data
To download podcasts for personal use Use the download button. You can download podcasts for personal use. You can also transfer podcasts between devices. However, do not upload podcasts from your device to the Internet. Instead, use the share button to share with your friends.
To download iPlayer use the download button at
C. How to obtain a license

Read this for logos and branding.

Metadata and feeds can be found here.

Read for business purposes. Remember: You will usually need to apply for a license and may pay a fee.

Read this to others.

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Divideable – As Is
In addition to the content you can share You will find one or more of the following buttons:

to combine
Buttons for social networks on Facebook, Twitter and more for publication.
We do not always own the copyright to the content we share. Sometimes we need permission or approval from whoever does it.

So follow this rule, otherwise the person creating the content will no longer want to create content for us.

For any commercial use, you must obtain our prior consent and pay a fee. Read for business purposes

If you share on social platforms The terms will apply, read the terms (which you can find online).

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Divideable – What You Can Do
A. Use the share button to share.

Share links to content on our site or social media.

b. use our reader

You can click the Embed button to download our player to your website or social media account.

However, do not change the operation of the player or copy any content from the player. Don’t paste content that doesn’t have a paste button.

There are different rules for using iPlayer.
Eln, you can read about them here.

c. Submission of comments and opinions …

… something to share. Good. Still alive. until they are upset

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Divideable: What You Can’t
a. Do not use it to hurt or offend. And don’t do things that can be shared with things that are harmful or offensive.

Here’s a list of what it sounds like.
t dangerous or dangerous

defame, deceive, discriminate or defame b
aik (damage to people’s reputation)
Advertising of pornography, tobacco or weapons
put a child

in danger
illegal things will use words to create hate incitement to terrorism Or how can I violate data protection laws?
Anything that destroys the reputation of https://braso.
b. Don’t pretend they need money.

You cannot pay others to use our shares. If you post on a paid site You have to consider whether or not it can be viewed for free.

c. Select the most no content

Otherwise, we may feel that we support you. what we don’t know

Use lists that can be shared with others. You may not create your own service that only contains our content for sharing.

How are you…

D. Do not overdo it.

You cannot say that we support, promote, offer or support.

Do not use files that can be shared for political purposes.

And you cannot say that you have exclusive access to our content.

Myself, do not associate with advertisers or sponsors.

This means that you cannot:

Enter different content between the share link and share link. So there are no ads or short videos for people.
Place ads next to or above.
Post ads on most content websites or apps.
Place themed ads next to the ads you distribute. So there are no sneaker ads that have nothing to share about shoes.
add more content This means that you will make money.